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2016/2017 Season Kickoff Meeting!!


WHERE: Chisago Lakes High School PAC

            WHO NEEDS TO ATTEND: At least one parent of any player intending to play for Chisago Lakes Hockey Association during the 2016/2017 season


  • -Keynote speaker Kevin Hartzell author of the book “Leading from the Ice”
  • -Discussion of CLHA values and Mission Statement
  • -Information regarding Try-out process
  • -Receive and sign “consent to treat” form
  • -Player/parent code of conduct
  • -Player/parent handbook
  • -Budge/Fee information
  • -DIBs requirements


Parents of players that are NEW to the association should bring a copy of their children(s) birth certificate.

A registration table will be set up outside the PAC where information will be available regarding registration. In addition, families that have registered by September 1st will have the pre-labeled raffle tickets for pick up. Families that register AFTER September 1st may also pick raffle tickets, however, tickets will be recorded at pick up.  Contact for raffle tickets is Jen Hegstad :

Fall Hockey Registration Now Open!!

Please click on the Fall Hockey 2016 page on the left for information.

  • Registration Deadline for Fall Hockey is Sunday September 4th.
  • Fall Hockey practices begin 9/11/16.

2016-2017 Season Registration

The 2016-2017 Season Registration is now open for ALL levels.

Please click on the Registration page on the left for information.

  • Registration Deadline for Regular Season Hockey is September 30th.
    • Pay in 2 payment is available on or before 8/21/2016.
    • The only payment option available after 8/21/16 is the pay in full option.

***************Tryout Information********************

Practices for all levels begin the first week of October, and tryouts for Squirts and above begin the second week of October.  Mite Evaluations and team placement begin on October 23. 
Please see the schedule/dates below for a breakdown of dates and times:
10/6/2016 Thursday 6:10 PM 1 Practice Mite
10/9/2016 Sunday 3:10 PM 1 Practice Mite
10/13/2016 Thursday 6:10 PM 1 Practice Mite
10/15/2016 Saturday 12:50 PM 1 Practice Mite
10/17/2016 Monday 6:10 PM 1 Practice Mite
10/20/2016 Thursday 6:10 PM 1 Practice Mite
10/23/2016 Sunday 4:20 PM 1 Evaluations Mite
10/25/2016 Tuesday 6:10 PM 1 Evaluations Mite
10/27/2016 Thursday 6:10 PM 1 Evaluations Mite
10/2/2016 Sunday 4:20 PM 1 Practice SQ
10/3/2016 Monday 6:10 PM 1 Practice SQ
10/6/2016 Thursday 7:20 PM 1 Practice SQ
Saturday 3:10 PM 1 Practice SQ
10/11/2016 Tuesday 7:20 PM 1 Tryouts SQ
10/15/2016 Saturday 3:10 PM 1 Tryouts SQ
10/17/2016 Monday 7:20 PM 1 Tryouts SQ
10/2/2016 Sunday 5:30 PM 1.5 Practice PW
10/4/2016 Tuesday 6:10 PM 1.5 Practice PW
10/7/2016 Friday 6:40 PM 1.5 Practice PW
10/8/2016 Saturday 4:20 PM 1.5 Practice PW
10/9/2016 Sunday 4:45 PM 1 Tryouts PW
10/12/2016 Wednesday 6:10 PM 1 Tryouts PW
10/14/2016 Friday 6:10 PM 1 Tryouts PW
10/15/2016 Saturday 4:45 PM 1.5 Tryout Scrimmage PW
Sunday 3:10 PM 1 Practice U10/12
10/3/2016 Monday 7:20 PM 1.5 Practice U10/12
10/7/2016 Friday 5:00 PM 1.5 Practice U10/12
10/8/2016 Saturday 6:00 PM 1 Practice U10/12
10/9/2016 Sunday 6:15 PM 1 Practice U10/12
10/11/2016 Tuesday 6:10 PM 1 Practice U10/12
10/13/2016 Thursday 7:20 PM 1 Practice U10/12
10/15/2016 Saturday 2:00 PM 1 Practice U10/12
10/2/2016 Sunday 7:20 PM 1.5 Practice Bant
10/4/2016 Tuesday 7:50 PM 1.5 Practice Bant
10/7/2016 Friday 8:30 PM 1.5 Practice Bant
10/8/2016 Saturday 7:20 PM 1.5 Practice Bant
10/9/2016 Sunday 7:45 PM 1 Tryouts Bant
10/12/2016 Wednesday 7:50 PM 1 Tryouts Bant
10/14/2016 Friday 7:50 PM 1 Tryouts Bant
10/15/2016 Saturday 6:40 PM 1.5 Tryout Scrimmage Bant

Learn 2 Skate Progam

We have an exciting class coming up this fall that would really help students just starting to skate and ones that are ready for more skills and speed. It helps students learn through games and simple lessons. Class is offered at the Chisago Lakes Arena. Have your children join an experienced Coach this fall to Learn 2 Skate "A" (just starting out) or "B" (learn more skills).

Please click on Association Forms on the left to download the registration form.

Welcome to CLHA

Welcome to the Chisago Lakes Hockey Association! If you are thinking about registering your youngster(s) in our hockey program or are already part of our growing number of hockey families, welcome! CLHA is dedicated to providing our young hockey players with the information, education, support and motivation necessary to enjoy hockey for a lifetime. Hockey is more than a game for kids – it’s a lifetime recreational activity and its fun.

What is the best position in hockey?