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Weekly Communication with Team

Weekly update emails are a great way for your families to get the information they need in a regular, concise way.  Please see below for instructions on how to create a email template to save yourself some time each week!

Creating a distribution list or a group in your email software is another time saver.  Once you put the time into adding contacts and creating your group - it saves you time when you want to send an email to the entire team or even just a few members.


ICAL Instructions for CLHA Members

Do you use Google Calendar?
You can get your players schedule(s) onto your Google Calendar by following these steps!

  1. Click the iCal link on your teams CLHA calendar page
  2. Right-click the chisagolakeshockey link then select Copy
  3. Close the pop-up window
  4. Open Google Calendar
  5. Click the Other calendars drop down (right button)
  6. Select Add by URL
  7. Right-click in the pop-up URL text box then select Paste
  8. Click Add Calendar
  9. Rename calendar for your use!


  • CLHA will provide all Managers with a Roster Book. 
  • The Roster book contains:
    • Your team's official roster of players, coaches and manager(s).
    • Signed Consent to Treat/Medical History for each player and coach.
    • Signed CLHA Code of Conduct for each player, coach & \manager.
    • Player and coach stickers to put on scoresheets.
    • USA Hockey Handbook
  • Bring your Roster book to all games, scimmages and tournaments.
  • If you have any questions about your Roster book, please contact Managers Director, Tammy Bluhm @

Submitting Game/Scrimmage Scores, Calendars & Mailing Scoresheets to D10 Representative

  • Game Scores - After every league game, the winning team's manager must submit the score to their D10 Coordinator.  Some prefer text and some prefer email.  Below is a list of your D10 Coordinators
  • Calendars - At the Squirt/10U level, managers are required to send in a printout of their team calendar by the 5th of each month from the previous month.  
  • Scoresheets - Managers also need to mail the white copy of the score sheet to their D10 Coordinator.  Some prefer a more regular schedule for doing this however, most just say to mail them in when you have a few of them (like 5 or so).

I am going to suggest you all email your coordinators listed below to determine how they want you to communicate with them on these items. 

How to Setup Scrimmage Referees

  • Please see the Scrimmage Referee Request Procedure Document attached below.
  • I have included a couple of examples of how the communication will look like.