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To participate in Chisago Lakes Youth Hockey, a player must live within the Chisago Lakes High School boundaries.  If you live outside the Chisago Lakes High School boundaries, but attend a Chisago Lakes school, you must obtain a waiver from your association of residence and provide proof of attendance.  Players who change schools outside of the normal "break points" can start playing in the their Association of School Attendance immediately, but are not eligible at the highest division for one year beginning with the first day of attendance in the new school.   

MN Hockey Participation Rule, click here.

Please also see additional Tweeks to the MN Hockey Player Participation Rule, here.

Feel free to contact CLHA Registrar @ for more information.

The 2016-2017 Season Registration is still
open for D Mite Skaters.

Registration Closes for D Mites on 11/20/2016

Practices for this level start soon after.  The association will reach out to D Mite families with information as we get closer.


All registrations must be completed online. 

USA Hockey

All participants MUST register annually with USA HOCKEY prior to registering with the association. You will get a nine digit confirmation number that you will need in order to proceed with the association registration.  

Each participant will pay the USA Hockey fee of $40 and $10 MN Hockey fee if age 7 or older. The USA Hockey fee is waived for age 6 and younger. The registration must still be completed to get the confirmation number.  If a participant plays and coaches he/she pays only one registration fee.

  1. Register with USA Hockey here. 
  2. Click on the 'Register Now' button.
  3. Choose member type Ice Player/Coach.
  4. You must be 18 years of age to process a registration…. Check the box that acknowledges that YOU are 18 or older.
  5. Select the correct season – 2016-2017.
  6. Follow the prompts…fill in all data correctly.
  7. Process payment – Visa, or Master Card (credit or debit card). A Visa gift card will also work.
  8. You may print your Confirmation page at this time. It will also be emailed to you immediately after the registration is completed.

D Mite Registration Fees - Chisago Lakes Youth Hockey

Free - First year skaters skate for free but you are still required to register with USA Hockey and Chisago Lakes Youth Hockey. 

$100 - Returning D Mites fee at Chisago Lakes Youth Hockey.

This fee does not reflect the USA Hockey fee...see above.


Then click the Register Now button below to begin registration with CLHA!

Please Note:  When registering your player(s), please ensure you list each parent/guardian's email address to receive association notifications.  If you are not receiving association emails, please notify us at:

Rental Equipment

The Association has rental equipment (skates, mouth guard, and stick NOT included, socks will also need to be purchased) First year Mites only pay a $60 deposit, no rental fee! All other mite players fee is $20 rental fee with a $40 deposit. There are a limited number of sets so they will be available on a first come first serve.

Tammy Bluhm

CLHA Registrar

Phone: 651-276-1022

MN Hockey Age Classifications

MN Mini-Mite/6U = 7/1/09 and younger

MN Mite/8U = 7/1/07 to 6/30/09

MN Squirt/10U = 7/1/05 to 6/30/07

MN Pee Wee/12U = 7/1/03 to 6/30/05

MN Bantam/14U = 7/1/01 to 6/30/03

MN 15U = 7/1/00 to 6/30/03

Jr. Gold 16 = 7/1/99 to 6/30/01

Jr. Gold = 7/1/97 to 6/30/99

19U = 1/1/97 to 6/30/00

Customer Account Information

If you are a current CLHA member you can log in to your account to view payment status, make payments and see all details of your account.  Simply click on the ACCOUNT LOGIN button located on the left menu bar.

You must register for the season using information above - but we wanted to let you know the new page created for easy access to your account.

Questions & Answers About USA Hockey Registration

Each member pays $40 for each player to USA Hockey and $10 for each player to MN Hockey (USA Hockey affiliate).  It is District 10 policy to require players to self register with USA Hockey during or before their association registration.

USA Hockey requires this payment for players and coaches as USA Hockey carries CLHA's insurance.  If there are any injuries on the ice, USA Hockey holds that liability so your player or coach is covered.  Please see the attachment for USA Hockey Benefits:  Benefits Doc

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