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Work Agreement Information

Work Agreement Information for 2017-2018 Season

Work Agreement season begins April 1, 2017 to March 31, 2018.  


First Year Family

We welcome our new families to CLHA!  As a way to become acquainted with our association, new families are expected to participate in volunteer activities.  The work agreement for new families is only 3 credits. Volunteer opportunities will be posted on our online volunteer system (DIBS). The DIBS access tab can be found in the upper right hand corner of the CLHA home page. Instructions for registering your family in DIBS can be found below.  

If your child is skating on a CLHA D-MITE team this year, your family will not be required to flood the outdoor rink.  However we encourage you to participate in order to network with other CLHA families and learn flooding procedures as you will be expected to perform them in subsequent years.

If your child is skating with CLHA for the first time on a A, B or C MITE level, SQUIRT, U8 OR U10, you may be allocated outdoor ice times.  In this event, you will be expected to help flood the outdoor ice rink twice (2 credits) during the season.  Your team manager will have details as outdoor ice becomes available.

Work Agreement Requirements

The work agreement consists of 5 work credits per family by volunteering in some capacity, as it relates to hockey activities.  For most families, 2 of these work credits will likely be from flooding at the outdoor rink (see special note for additional details). The remaining 3 work credits can be filled by any number of activities: assistant coach or manage a team, do additional flooding, coach fall hockey, work the CLHA booth at local celebrations and school open houses, assist with fall evaluations, etc. If your family does not have a flooding commitment, you are still expected to earn 5 work credits.

Some volunteer opportunities count for more than one credit.  Usually you receive 1 credit for every 2 hours worked.  Season-long positions are awarded credits as follows:

  • Head Coaches & Board Members-Entire work agreement complete
  • Assistant Coaches & Team Managers - Work agreement is fulfilled BUT if your team is allocated outdoor ice, you as a team-member parent are expected to participate in flooding activities. 

Please watch your emails for upcoming opportunities.



At this time, only A-,B-,C-MITE, U8, SQUIRT & U10 teams are allocated outdoor ice.  If your child on a team that IS ASSIGNED outdoor ice, you will be required to participate in 2 of your team's flooding nights.  This will fulfill 2 work credits.  If you have multiple children in CLHA, you may be expected to flood for multiple teams resulting in additional work credits. Team managers will have additional details as outdoor ice becomes available.

Register to activate your CLHA dibs account.

Click on the link above to register your family in Dibs. REGISTER ONCE PER FAMILY, NOT PER SKATER

Volunteer System

Once registered, click on the "Dibs" tab (upper right on CLHA page) to start choosing opportunities that the association has available for sign up!  If you do not see other opportunities, you are not doing anything incorrectly.  The available opportunities have simply all been claimed -- check back later for additional opportunities.

Mike Andre

Director of Business Operations