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CL Arena Dryland Calendar

Managers are to enter dryland times on the calendars. 

CL Arena Calendar-simply click on the date you would like to reserve the dryland facility and create a new event.  In the title enter Team Name Dryland (example Bantam A Dryland).  Ensure the correct date is listed and enter the times.  For clarity for your parents, you can enter the location as CL Arena.  Before you create the event, go to the top and select show tag menu.  Place a check next to your team and ensure the correct dryland calendar is chosen.  Go to the bottom and click on create this event.  By choosing your team, this event will now display on your team calendar and the dryland calendar.


Below are the CL Arena Dryland Facility Rules

1) The Chisago Lakes Arena Dryland facility is open to CLHA and CLHS players only.

2) Any CLHA player needs adult supervision to use the dry land facility.

3) Helmet and gloves are required for all CLHA players using the dry land facility.

4) A rink attendant must be on duty to open the dry land facility.

5) If no teams are using the dryland facility, a coach may see a rink attendant to get access to the dry land facility. Please notify the attendant when you are finished and make sure the attendant locks the doors to the facility.

7) The dry land facility is open during arena hours, unless there is a High School game.  If there is a High School game on a certain date, it will be noted on the CL Arena Dryland Facility calendar so please do not reserve the CL Arena Dryland Facility during game times.

8) When finished using the dryland facility, teams are expected to damp mop the ice surface.

Please be respectful and allow all teams access to these dryland facilities.  Also if you signed up for a time and are unable to use it, please remove your team's reservation as soon as possible so another team can utilize the time.