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Coaching Information

Keith Wilmer



All persons interested in being either a head coach or assistant coach MUST complete the application above.


Coaching Certification and Module Requirements

If you plan on coaching this year and have a CEP number from last year, please go to USA Hockey Certification Search page to see if you need to attend a coaching clinic.  It will display when your certification expires-not all CEPs from last year are due to expire this year.  If it expires this year, please sign up for a class at USA Hockey Clinic.  Sign up early as these classes fill up fast.

There are three steps to complete in order to be certified to coach this year, updating or completing your CEP, completing the age appropriate module and completing SafeSport.
All coaches must attend a level specific module in addition to a being certified as a coach.  This aspect is done online at the USA Hockey Module page.  For example, if you are coaching mites this year, you need to complete the mite module. 
A complete layout of this new program is explained at USA Hockey on the coaching education program page.
If you have any questions, please contact Keith Wilmer.

If the CEP card is expired or expires 12/31/14 coaches need to take the next level class.   A level 1 should take level 2 class, level 2 should take level 3 class and so on. They also need the age module for all levels they will be coaching.

If the card does not expire until 12/31/15 the coach needs to only take the age module for the all levels they will be coaching.

New coaches will have to do both the class and the on-line module.

New in 2014-All coaches must complete the SafeSport training.  Information on how to register and access the SafeSport Training can be found at

SafeSport Training Requirements for 2014-2015 Seasons-Complete by November 1st

For the 2014-15 season, all coaches, managers and locker room attendees will be required to complete the SafeSport Training this season. The SafeSport Training is valid for 2 seasons. Thus if you took the training for 2013-14, you will not need to take the training again until the 2015-16 season (at which time a shorter “refresher” course will be available). USA Hockey strongly encourages and supports policies requiring that coaches complete SafeSport training prior to being added to a roster (and many Affiliates have adopted such policies). However, for this season only (2014-15),

The SafeSport Training is available for you to take right now so you can get a head start on your upcoming season. The training is available at no cost. The training was produced by the USOC and is comprised of short video segments that take approximately 90 minutes to complete; however, not all training needs to be completed in one session. You will need your USA Hockey Member Number, which can be obtained at (under Member Options, click on ‘Request Duplicate Registration Confirmation).

Information on how to register and access the SafeSport Training can be found on our website at Also, please be sure to select the USA Hockey SafeSport course as there are multiple courses available. The website also has links if you have questions about the training or on registering for the training.

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